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PSA BOX Challenge

Initial Phase

To build a remote controlled delivery machine (E.g. Vehicle, Drone or other suitable modes) 

To have an interface that will receive vital information from the machine 

Ultimately the vehicle is built to compete in the final Challenge 

Delivery Vehicle 

Decide on and create a delivery machine (e.g. remote vehicle, drone or other suitable mode) with:- ​

  • Capability to transport, lift and shuffle containers​

  • Camera/reader/others modes installed on the delivery machine to translate and/or transmit the encoded container number (QR Code) to an interface​

  • (Optional) use of sensors or any other modes available on machine to detect and transmit status

  • Delivery machine

    • Land-based - maximum of 40cm length X 40cm breadth

    • Air-based - maximum of 80cm length X 80cm breadth, weight of up to 3KG

    • Autonomous movement is not required 


 Develop an interface to ​

  • Receive info from wireless transmitter on the encoded container number for verification before transportation​

  • (Optional) display UI dashboards indication of machine status wirelessly​ 

Model Container Dimension 

  • Length : 25 cm 

  • Breath : 10 cm

  • Height : 10 cm 

  • Weight : ~300g each 

Do click on the diagram for full 3D mode